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Songwriter Tanya Biondi, responsible for this website, does not personally gather any personal data from visitors of the site itself. Any application (such as newsletter subscription forms or contact forms) capable of gathering personal data has been removed from the site. Social network applications are not present, except for the social bar, which includes solely icons connected with links to the relative pages. The author has not implemented any statistics-analytic tool on her website.


Third party cookies are present in the site, including technical cookies needed for the correct functioning of the site. It is possible to access the informative pages of the sites introducing these cookies following the links indicated in the cookie policy document, or through the following list.

N.B. The list includes links to the cookie policy of the main social networks and Google Analytics, this is done only for completeness of information, the author does not implement the presence of these tools in her website.




Technical cookies are present on the website, including:

-  session cookies 

-  persistent cookies

Furthermore, third part cookies could also be present:

-  Yahoo cookies (Advisory notice by Yahoo)

-  Google cookies (Advisory notice by Google) 

-  Google Analytics (Advisory notice by Google) 

-  Google Youtube (Advisory notice by Google) 

-  Facebook (Advisory notice by Facebook)

-  Wix (Advisory notice by Wix)

- Amazon (Advisory notice by Amazon)

- Twitter (Advisory notice by Twitter)

- CDbaby (Advisory notice by CDbaby)


Technical cookies are essential for the correct functioning of the website.

Should you prefer for Google Analytics not to use the gathered data in any way, you may: 

1  use anonymous navigation (Do Not Track option) in your browser. In order to learn how to activate this option on the main search engines, click on your usual browser  

.2  Internet ExplorerGoogle ChromeMozilla FirefoxApple Safari. 

.3  choose to disable Google Analytics by installing on your browser an additional component for the deactivation. Click here to download it 

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