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TRTV is a project born in 2005 from singer/songwriter Tanya.

Following her lifelong love for music and the dream of seeing her lyrics become songs, she started with poor means and few notions to sculpt the sound matter in order to mould it into the original shape she was looking for.

During 2016/2017 with the help of four great musicians: Vladimir, Rish, Oliver and Dan, all the songs were edited and remixed creating a quality, unique sound.


Synthetic Alchemy


The first album. First published in July 2007, 11 tracks. It started out as a sort of exercise and became an epic adventure. The album was recorded at home with a basic software, pluging an old strat to a small mixer and recording piano and cello in a pretty precarious way, but it was all very romantic and exciting. The mixing and production part was done by a great musician and friend, Daniele.




Although the composer listens to many different genres, ranging from classical to alternative rock, passing through jazz, underground, etc, TRTV's music is not referable to any specific band. Among the bands they love the most are: Interpol, Paul Banks, Radiohead, Muse, RHCP, John Frusciante, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Bauhaus.


Sounds. In Life and Death of These Derelict Souls


The album includes 16 tracks, it was firts published in August 2009 and has been completely remixed in 2016. The lyrics and atmosphere are linked to Tanya's teenage years and particularly to a poetry collection bearing the same title. Much more attention to detail has gone into this second piece of work, also more awareness of what I was looking for soundwise. As usual for lack of funding I couldn't get the tracks finished in studio so the sound quality is rather poor but in this album enthusiasm has been kept under control with better results in the end.


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